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Fostering early childhood education through play and art-based learning

About Haatipoti

Haatipoti is a self-sustaining model for the organization which focuses on nurturing early childhood education and care. It was started on 15th November 2023 with the vision of providing a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for young children to learn and grow. Haatipoti is the ideal solution for working parents. Haatipoti offers a vibrant and nurturing environment for your child's early years. Our play-based curriculum fosters holistic development, combining educational activities with creative play. With secure play areas, well-equipped classrooms, and nutritious meals, we prioritize safety and well-being. Our philosophy centers on celebrating diversity and creating a sense of belonging. Experienced educators guide children through age-appropriate learning, promoting social skills and sparking curiosity. At Haatipoti, we believe in laying a solid foundation for lifelong learning, ensuring each child's unique potential is embraced in a safe, inclusive, and joyous space.

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