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A Journey of Young Minds Seeking Expression

Driven by personal experiences of unexpressed emotions, a group of young individuals emerged to provide a platform for heartfelt expression.

The Story

In 2018, Rahul and his friends took the initiative to address the nationwide problem of young people lacking a platform to express themselves. They started a campaign called "Think out of the Box," capturing the voices of over 300 young people on t-shirts. This marked the beginning of their journey to create a space for young voices to be heard.

Since its inception in 2018, Rahul's campaign "Think out of the Box" has grown significantly. Today, they have a team of 1000+ youth volunteers who actively engage in the organization's mission. These volunteers report improved connections and compassion for the causes they address. By working on real-life challenges and confronting social inequalities, they become socially aware and motivated to act based on their values. The organization envisions these volunteers becoming lifelong leaders in the development field, believing in the power of personal transformation as a catalyst for change.


To create an inclusive space where everyone is empowered to actively participate, engage in critical thinking, and freely express their creative imagination.


Our mission is to make artistic expression accessible to all, fostering a judgment-free environment where everyone can freely unleash their creativity.


  • Reflection

  • Integrity

  • Acceptance

  • Joyful Learning

Meet the team


Rahul Bora

Founder & Director

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Purbali Tungkhungia

Program Manager

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Pragyamon Das

Curriculum Designer

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Partha Pratim Gogoi


Rahul oversees the organization's entire operation, taking charge of the team's performance and cultivating a robust network and connections.

Purbali assumes responsibility for managing all projects, ensuring successful partnerships and overseeing the hiring process.

Pragya dedicates her time to training and developing content for the SEL curriculum while working part-time within the organization.

Partha's expertise lies in training and facilitating SEL and Adolescent leadership projects, utilizing his extensive experience with children and adolescents.

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