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Our vision is to empower children to discover and fulfill their true potential.

Making art a way of life


Harness the power of visual arts to empower young people's self-expression. Through painting, drawing, and mixed media, they unleash their creativity, communicate their unique perspectives, and inspire artistic exploration.

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By harnessing the transformative power of art, we supplement formal education for underprivileged children, providing value education and social-emotional learning that empower personal growth and enable them to make a positive impact on society.

Creative Arts

Unleash the creative potential of young people and children through immersive and enriching arts experiences. Inspire imagination, self-expression, and holistic development, fostering a lifelong love for creativity and artistic exploration.

Join our vibrant artistic community

Significant Achievements


Children are trained on Social-emotional learning through art.


Young volunteers are sensitize on importance of visual arts.


Visual Arts educators are trained into our art-based curriculum on SEL.

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