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Youth Actions on #Covid19 (Phase 1)

Updated: May 30

Join the #YouthActionsOnCovid19 campaign! As young individuals, we believe in our ability to make a positive impact during these challenging times. Together, we are creating inspiring stories and messages to encourage action in areas like health, well-being, mental health support, and relief efforts. Let's stand united and tackle #Covid19 head-on. Take part by sharing your experiences, offering support, and making a difference through donations and charity. Together, we can bring hope, strength, and healing to those in need. Join us in this fight and be a part of the youth movement for change!

#YouthPower #Covid19Response #MakeADifference

fig. expressing her through paints, taking care of her mental health, isolation, etc.

fig. Relief to 35 households, Covid response by a young person.

Absolutely! The stories and actions of young people in the fight against #Covid19 are truly inspiring. Each act of kindness, each effort to make a positive change, contributes to creating a more beautiful world. Let's continue to support and uplift one another in our collective pursuit of a better world.

#YouthPower #Inspiration #Hope #YouthEmpowermet #YouthAction #ThoughtsToAction

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