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Our Initiatives

We are a 'youth led' and 'youth centric' initiative working towards building value based youth leaders. Though we started voluntarily to help young people, we realized the leadership journey for them needs to be professional, educational, and combination of inputs, discussion, sharing, exposure etc. In order to achieve and enable young people to make transformation in their lives, we undertake certain initiatives.

Boot camps

Boot camps are basically an outdoor learning with real life challenges, and we named as Mukto: breaking down boundaries. We conduct boot camps during the winter season, as the weather in winter at north-east is very pleasing for camps. In 2019, we conducted one boot camp with 9 youth leaders.

Youth Voice

In 2018, we started a campaign 'think out of the box' where we captured voices of young people in t-shirts. We promote thoughts that calls for transformation and action. The idea is also #WearYourOwnThought and raise youth voice.

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