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In order to build a growing community of leaders, we are directly working with young people. We understand that a country where more than 50% population is young and under the age of 27 years, the energy needs to be channelized by providing opportunities to grow and a platform to express themselves. Our journey of leadership with young people starts with personal transformation through personal interaction, guided engagement and reflection upon existential realities.

Youth for Youth


We strive to build a cadre of value-driven youth leaders who are inspired and motivated to become change makers in their communities, and areas they would love to engage. We aim to promote youth-led development in the north-east region of India by understanding and involving them in the decision making and execution process. Our programmes are designed where young people goes through a journey from self to society.

Youth for Children


Young people serves as a guide, mentor, facilitator to children from low income background communities to teach life skill development, social emotional learning through an art based curriculum. Young people volunteers, interns and engage themselves to do something meaningful and bigger than themselves. We aims at training and preparing young people into confident, competent and passionate harbingers of positive change at the individual, community and at the larger societal levels.

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