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Youth Actions on #Covid19 (Phase 2)

Updated: May 30, 2023

It's great to share about the campaign #YouthActionsOnCovid19 and the active involvement of young people in the fight against COVID-19. Here are some key points about the campaign:

  • Its purpose is to engage young people in taking specific tasks and challenges related to COVID-19 as a form of active citizenship within their families and communities.

  • The campaign aims to encourage young people to play an active role in protecting themselves, their families, and their communities from the coronavirus.

  • By participating in the campaign, young people contribute to the collective effort of combating the spread of COVID-19 and promoting public health measures.

  • This initiative highlights the importance of youth engagement and their ability to make a difference in the face of global challenges.

Few of the tasks undertaken as challenges:

1. Making masks at home for their families and immediate locality.

2. Create awareness material posters that can be put out in the community.

3. Feed stranded animals till the lockdown gets over.

The rise in inequalities during the COVID-19 crisis is indeed a concerning issue. However, the small acts of kindness and the active involvement of young people give hope that we can combat these inequalities and promote well-being and love in our society. Some key points regarding this sentiment:

  • Small acts of kindness performed by young people can have a significant impact in addressing inequalities. These acts may include providing support to vulnerable individuals or communities, promoting awareness about social issues, or advocating for equitable access to resources and opportunities.

  • By engaging in acts of kindness, young people contribute to building a more inclusive and compassionate society where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive.

  • The efforts of young people, supported by partners, volunteers, and well-wishers, play a vital role in empowering youth and amplifying their voices to create positive change.

  • Gratitude and appreciation are expressed towards the partners, volunteers, and well-wishers who provide ongoing support, guidance, and encouragement in the journey of empowering young people.

It is through collective action and a shared commitment to addressing inequalities that we can foster a more just and inclusive world.

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