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Youth Opinion on Coal Mining at Dehing Patkai

Updated: May 30, 2023

The captured opinions from the youth respondents indicate a strong opposition to coal mining in Dehing Patkai Elephant Reserve Forest. None of the respondents agreed with the idea of starting coal mining in the reserve. This suggests that the youth are concerned about the potential environmental consequences and want to preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of Dehing Patkai. The fact that individuals, organizations, and associations have launched campaigns and hashtags like #SaveDehingPatkai and #IAmDehingPatkai on social media further highlights the widespread concern and activism surrounding this issue. The youth are actively using social media as a platform to raise awareness, mobilize support, and advocate for the protection of Dehing Patkai. This response underscores the significance of preserving the unique ecosystem of Dehing Patkai and showcases the strong commitment of the youth to environmental conservation and sustainability.


"Here it goes again! If we have not learned anything from nature, now is the time for retrospect. Aristocracy of the democracy has taken a toll where plays are run to profit from people, technology and resources. If there is an alternative to subside the damage to nature that will be done, being formulated now practically; Yes, need should be fulfilled. But the ecosystem is tired from all the exploitation and bullshit, and so are us human individuals. Plans to disrupt the natural state of environment yet again! It's time to end this privatized corporate propaganda behind this democracy which we so call, that are pulling their strings to draw in their profit. This is not the time. There are far more important things to look in to at the current scenario. Kill nature and it will retaliate. Better introspect!"

"Nature is main reason that humans are still alive. They don't have voice it does not mean that we can destroy them. This Coronavirus is the biggest example that development is not a main thing. But shameless things is that humans still cannot understand it. We should protect nature, we should protect dehing patkai."

"Adding another burden to the much concern issue of global warming and environment degradation. Robbing the traditional lifestyles of the locals. And what about the flora and fauna there???"

"Development should be constructive not destructive. Other living beings also have the right to live. We cannot harm animals for our own betterment."

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