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Updated: May 30, 2023

When people talk about "dreams," it often refers to aspirations, desires, or visions of what they want to achieve or experience in life. Dreams can encompass personal goals, professional ambitions, or even imaginative and creative thoughts. It is a way for individuals to envision a future they desire and strive towards making it a reality.

"In my context, initially, I perceived dreams as a form of fantasy or a chemical release that occurs during sleep. However, my perspective changed when I engaged with #ThoughtsToAction, where I found my safe and non-judgmental space to express my emotions and dreams. This platform allowed me to share my feelings and let go of any inhibitions or fears of judgment. Dream-catchers have a special significance for me, symbolizing my journey of sharing and weaving dreams with other young people and children. Through #ThoughtsToAction, I have been provided with an opportunity to explore my dreams and inspire others to do the same." ~Delung Perme, Arunachal Pradesh.

Overall, dreams represent personal aspirations and the pursuit of a fulfilling life, and having a supportive environment like #ThoughtsToAction can empower individuals to embrace and pursue their dreams without fear or hesitation.

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